10th Class Urdu Book Essay Introductions

There are many books in the market but “NCERT Books” stand alone in the market.  Candidates who are preparing for civil services exams required good books for well preparation, even CBSE aspirants need these books.

Here we are providing the facility to download NCERT books totally free for class 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and 12th students.

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How we differ from other‘s website?

Here we are providing two download facilities, one is a zip file and another is a PDF formats. We have seen many of the student that they look for only specific chapters only, they don’t want to download the complete textbook.

Many of the time students feel guilty when they download the zip format,as they want something else and anything else is downloaded.

Here there is No EPUB Format files, all file are converted to PDF Format

Features of our website compare to Other

  • Simple to navigate 
  • No redirection
  • All links are working properly
  • Two download facilities, zip format and single PDF file download facility by viewing each chapter 
  • Safe downloading, as our files are store in Google drive 
  •  You can also view the extracted part of zip file, and then download 

Here in table we have provide two column for downloading purpose, one is in zip format and another is in extracted format, in extracted column you can view the content in PDF format, also you can download single chapter.


By viewing extractedpart, you can download the zip file

You can also Download NCERT Hindi Text Books here

Note: All the soft copy of the books are in Zip format, just click the quick download link, and it will be downloaded automatically


NCERT Books of  English subject for class 1st to 12th standard

NCERT Books of Urdu for Class 1st to 12th standard

NCERT Books of Sanskrit for Class 6th to 12th

NCERT Books of Mathematics for Class 1st to 12th standard

NCERT Books of History for class 6th to 12th standard

ClassBook NameQuick Download (Zip)
6History – Our PastDownload
7Our Past – IIDownload
8Our Past – III Part IDownload
8Our Past – III Part IIDownload
9India and the Contemporary World – IDownload
10India and the Contemporary World – IIDownload
11Themes in World HistoryDownload
12Themes in World History – IDownload
12Themes in World History – IIDownload
12 Themes in World History – IIIDownload

NCERT Books of Civics for class 6th to 10th standard

ClassBook NameQuick Download (Zip)
6Social and Political Life –  1Download
7Social and Political Life –  2Download
8Social and Political Life –  3Download
9Democratic Politics – 1Download
10Democratic Politics – 2Download

NCERT Books of Geography for class 6th to 10th standard

ClassBook Name Quick PDF Download 
6The Earth Our HabitatDownload
7Our EnvirnomentDownload
8Resource And DevelopmentDownload
9Contemporary IndiaDownload
10Contemporary IndiaDownload
11Fundamental of Physical GeographyDownload
11Practical Work In Geography – IDownload
12Fundamentals Of Human GeographyDownload
12Practical Work In Geography – IIDownload

NCERT Books of Economics for class 9th to 12th standard

ClassBook NameQuick PDF Download
10Understanding Economic DevelopmentDownload
11India Economic DevelopmentDownload
12Introductory MicroeconomicsDownload
12Introductory MicroeconomicsDownload

NCERT Books of Science for class 5th to 10th standard

NCERT Books of Environmental Studies for Class 3rd to 8th standard

NCERT Books of Physics for 11th and 12th standard 

NCERT Books of Chemistry for  11th and 12th standard

ClassBook NameQuick PDF Download
11Chemistry Part – IDownload
11Chemistry Part – IIDownload
12Chemistry Part – IDownload
12Chemistry Part – IIDownload

NCERT Books of Biology for  11th and 12th standard

NCERT Books of Yoga for class 6th to 10th

ClassBook NameQuick Download (Zip)
6A Healthy Way of LivingDownload
7A Healthy Way of LivingDownload
8A Healthy Way of LivingDownload
9A Healthy Way of LivingDownload
10A Healthy Way of LivingDownload

NCERT Books of Accounting Class 11th and 12th

ClassBook NameQuick PDF Download
11Financial Accounting – IDownload
11Financial Accounting – IIDownload
12Accountancy Part – IDownload
12Accountancy Part – IIDownload
12Computerised Accounting SystemDownload

NCERT Books of Statics Class 11

ClassBook NameQuick PDF Download 
11Statistics for EconomicsDownload

NCERT Books of Psychology class 11th and 12th

ClassBook NameQuick PDF Download 
11Introduction to PsychologyDownload

NCERT Books of Sociology class 11th and 12th

ClassBook NameQuick PDF Download
11Introducing SociologyDownload
11Understanding SocietyDownload
12Indian SocietyDownload
12Social Change and Development in IndiaDownload

NCERT Books of Political Science Class 6th and 12th

ClassBook NameQuick PDF Download 
6Social and Political Life – IDownload
7Social and Political Life – IIDownload
8Social and Political LifeDownload
 9Democratic Politics – IDownload
10Democratic Politics  – IIDownload
11Political Theory Part-IDownload
11India Constitution at WorkDownload
12Contemporary World PoliticsDownload
12Political Science Part-IIDownload

NCERT Books of Business Studies

ClassBook NameQuick PDF Download
11Business StudiesDownload
12Business Studies – IDownload
12Business Studies – IIDownload

NCERT Books of Heritage Crafts for Class 11th and 12th

ClassBook NameQuick Download (Zip)
11Living Craft Traditions of IndiaDownload
12Craft Tradition in IndiaDownload

NCERT Books of Fine Arts

ClassBook NameQuick Download (Zip)
11An Introduction to Indian Art Part – IDownload

NCERT Books of Computer & Communication Technology

ClassBook NameQuick Download (Zip)
11CCT Part – IDownload
11CCT Part – IIDownload

NCERT Books of Graphical Design for class 11th and 12th

ClassBook NameQuick Download (Zip)(Zip Extracted folder)  /   View & Download
11The story of Graphic DesignDownloadDownload
12Towards A New Age Graphic DesignDownloadDownload

Books have been companions of childhood for ages. They have served mankind from times unknown. Books have opened a vista to the wide portal of learning, education, exploration and knowledge. We not only learn from a book, book also enhances our power of imagination.

With time the utility of books have also modified. From the Vedas to the Upanishads, from story books to school textbooks, the look the feel of a book has been modified along with the content. Earlier books used to be made out of papyrus leaves called manuscripts, now they are made of modified paper and digitally printed ink.

Coming to learning and education, books for the school students have always been in great demand. Students require a wide number of books for various subjects. The main criteria that a book should fulfill for the satisfaction of the student are:-

  • It should be rich in its content.
  • It should cover the entire syllabus.
  • It should be interesting; students should read it with interest.
  • It should have diagrams which clearly explain all the texts written in the book.
  • It should have adequate exercises, questions that strive to help the student to understand the topic better.

NCERT books are the books that score a clear full mark when it comes to fulfilling the above mentioned criteria. They are clearly the best educative books you can lay your hands on.

What is NCERT?

The full form of NCERT is National Council of Education Research and Training. It is an autonomous(self dependent ) organization that was set up in the year 1961 by the Government of India to assist and help them to develop qualitative education and improvements in all the spheres of education for both the Central and State Government. They assist in the government programs and policies. Their books are available on all topics, on different subject and are used all across India.

Importance of NCERT books

The importance of NCERT books is clearly visible when it comes to the following facts-

  • The topics are very clearly explained and discussed. It is like as if you are taught by a personal tutor.
  • The texts are briefed with conclusions; this helps the student to glance upon the main highlights without going through the entire text.
  • These books are well informed and unbiased. Especially for history and geography. You can make short notes for yourself that will help in better remembrance.
  • These books are helpful in entrance examinations as well as they are filled with MCQ’s and mind -boggling questions.
  • These books are so interactive that students will enjoy it rather than feel the burden of it.

Benefit of Ncert Books

Reading any type of books is always a benefit. Never has anyone been in loss by reading a book. But when it comes to NCERT books for educational purpose it certainly has an edge over the other books in market.

The benefits of NCERT books can be stated as below:-

  • The books come at a reasonable price. Hence from rich to poor all can have access to it. Hence this ideal book when it comes to equality in education.
  • Questions from NCERT books have a record in appearing in the maximum entrance examinations and school tests. Hence if you practice exercises from that book you can have a few set of questions common in the exams.
  • The books are supplied with vivid images and explained diagrams. This helps the student to understand the topic better.

Is NCERT books enough for studying?

There is no end to knowledge. Hence reading just one book is never enough. There is no end to learning. A person should try to read as much books as possible in his life time.

But for academic purposes and for appearing in examinations NCERT books are quiet enough. Why? Well,

  • NCERT books that summaries and briefs that highlight the major points of the text.
  • NCERT books come with adequate questions, exercises MCQ’s that serve like a mini- examination before you get to face the actual examination.
  • NCERT books come with model test papers and answer sheets and can serve as a mock test.
  • NCERT books have proper definitions examples and instances that make explanations way easier and make it better to understand.

What makes NCERT books, to stand alone in the market?

NCERT books are books that are not into the competition market. They are widely known. Students have been reading these books for ages since. So there is no question of any type of competition. It is way advanced than any other book in the market.

NCERT books are widely recommended by teachers as well. Some teachers follow these books strictly. In some schools they have been introduced in the school curriculum.

Other books in the market don’t fit into the requisite criteria. Hence they fall out of competition. Some books keep their prices so high that they are inaccessible to a good section of students who can’t afford such luxuries.

Thus NCERT books reaches out to a good section of the student herd.

Why candidates love NCERT books

The fondness that the candidates about NCERT books are due to a variety of reasons. An ideal book is that book which appeals to its readers, which grows interest in the readers, that book is the book that readers value most. Candidates love NCERT books for the following reasons

  • The language of the book is lucid and simple.
  • The texts are explained in simple pattern with adequate examples and facts.
  • The pictures and diagrams grow interest in reading
  • Books are cheap and widely available.
  • The books have question that frequently appear in examinations.
  • Books are available in all languages on different subjects.

Whatever book it may be. A reader always wants to lays his hands on the one that give him maximum knowledge at the reasonable price. When this factor is considered NCERT books come really handy at any point of time.

Key points

  1.  Most of the exam papers are set from NCERT – The biggest advantage of studying from NCERT textbooks is that mainly NCERT books are referred for the preparation of question papers. Even the entrance exams conducted by NCERT all across India use the NCERT textbooks as the foundation and the base of those competitive exams.
  2. Credibility – The CBSE books are credible as they are prepared keeping in mind the standard of all the students studying from these books. It is not prepared in accordance with one rank of students. It is prepared for everybody. Many professors and well read teachers are involved in this process and only after all their inputs are well discussed, NCERT textbooks are prepared.
  3. Strong basics and fundamentals – NCERT helps the students to develop an all round approach and works on their foundations. Instead of asking them to mug up everything, it focuses onpersonalizedapplication of concepts. It helps them to build their own foundation and concepts by opening them to a world of imagination and thinking.
  4. Simple to read and understand– NCERT textbooks are designed in a lucid and an easy to understand approach. The appropriate detailing makes it easy for students to use. The clarity that the concepts offer is clearly seen in the NCERT textbooks.
  5. Worth it’s price– NCERT books are minimally priced but they offer a complete insight into the text required for the examinations. NCERT is a not for profitorganization, thus, it does not concentrate on profit margins. The textbooks are definitely worth their price.
  6. Universal – These books were introduced in India with the aim of achieving universal compatibility. With the students complaining about the standards of question papers and difference in study materials, all the complaints have been silenced by saying that every student under Board is provided with the same set of books. There is no scope for prejudice and discrimination among students. 


  1. Low paper quality – The NCERT textbooks have low paper quality as the publication house reduce the quality of print and paper to battle the costs involved in printing of an NCERT reader. The paper is very thin and sometimes a gentle snitch turns into a developed cut on the pages. This gives the book a very weary and a shabby look.
  2. Errors creeping in– Many a times it has been noticed that the books released by NCERT are not error free. They are full of silly mistakes here and there. English textbooks have spelling errors on almost every page while some of the sums given in Mathematics and Physics textbooks are replete with mistakes. This makes it tedious for students studying without the guidance of tutors to study themselves the text provided.

The exams conducted by CBSE, nationally are held in English and Hindi and some regional languages. But the study material is available only in Hindi and English. The plight of the students is miserable as they have no other option to learn Hindi and English. 

Few days ago, a verdict was ruled out by Supreme Court saying that the schools are not allowed to refer any other books to students other than NCERT textbooks. The Supreme Court also ruled out that schools who refer private publishers will be penalized by the Court and that it is illegal to do so.

What we want from our legitimate user??

If the above given links does not work properly, feel free to leave comment in the comment box, will soon answer you.

What other say about NCERT Books (Review)

I feel that one should refer NCERT textbooks because the examination paper is set from the NCERT textbook. Without focusing on NCERT, a student under CBSE board cannot attain success. But I also want to ascertain that one should always refer extra books for practice. Especially in 11th and 12th, practicing only from NCERT for practical subjects is not enough. Students should combine both of them in an effective way to get what they want.  — By Vanshika Jain (student)

NCERT textbooks are amazing and one should definitely go for their reading. My kids are in grade 6 and 8. NCERT textbooks come in very handy for the students. Most of the question paper is covered in the books but I would also like for CBSE to raise the level of books one notch high. Comparing the curriculum with ICSE boards, CBSE board is quite easy.  —  By  Kajal Gupta(Tution teacher)

I am a teacher at infinity institute. I am primarily a teacher of math‘s and science. I first kickstart the studies of the students by referring to NCERTs and then when they are done with basics, I refer them different textbooks of private publishers to enhance their knowledge.   — By Rahul Singh (Teacher at infinity institute)


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Urdu Books

Urdu books below are arranged according to subject: UB = Urdu Biographies/History; UH = Urdu Hadith; UQ = Urdu Qur'an; UE = Ebadat et al; UT = Urdu Tasawwuf; UM = Mawdudi titles; UL = Language, Poetry, Culture

Tareekh Ibn Kathir (8 Parts in 7 Volumes) URDU ONLY - ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING
UE-Ihya-Ulumiddin, 4 Vol. (URDU only)
UE-Tibe-e-Nabawi (URDU only)
UE-Islami Adab (URDU only)
UE-Jadeed Fiqh (URDU only)
UL-Firoz Lughat Jame (URDU only)
UL-Jadeed Arbi-Urdu Urdu-Arbi Lughat
UL-English-Urdu Dictionary Large
UQ-Fizilal-e-Qur'an, 6 Vol. Complete (URDU)
Tafsir Ibn Katheer (Tafseer Ibn Kaseer) 5 VOLUME SET URDU - ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING
UQ-Qur'an Tr: Thanvi Small Size in Purse
UQ-Qur'an Tr: Mawdudi Facing Page Format
UT-Keemiya-e-Sa'adat (URDU only)
UT-Mathnawi, 3 Vol. (URDU only)
UH-Ma'ariful Hadith, 4 Vol. Set
UQ-Qur'an Tr: with Urdu-English-Arabic Side-by-Side
UL-Poetry: Adom Ki Ghazlain
UL-English-Urdu Pocket Dictionary
UL-Urdu-English Pocket Dictionary
UL-Jadeed Yasranal Qur'an
Noorani Qaida (Arabic and Urdu version)
UQ-Qur'an Tr: Bayan al Qur'an Small size
UL-Ulama Islami Mashrah Ke Urooj o Zawal Ka Baas
UB-Imam-e-Azam Abu Hanifa
UQ-Qur'an with Dual Urdu Translation, Deluxe
UQ-Panj Surah with Translation
UH-Mukhtasar Sahih Bukhari, 2 Vol.
UQ-Ma'ariful Qur'an: 8 Vol. Budget
UB-Ar-Raheeq al-Makhtoum
The Little Oxford English-Urdu Dictionary : English words, Urdu script definitions : (Shanul Haq Haqee, Ibrahim Saad)
Ferozsons Two in One Dictionary : English to English & Urdu AND Urdu to English Dictionary
Fiqh Kay Banyadee Usool (URDU only) 16 audio CD set in Travel Case on Foundations of Islamic Jurisprudence (Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad) with Accompanying Spiralbound Textbook
Ilaj e Kabr (URDU ONLY)
Fazail-e-Tauba (URDU ONLY)
Quran wa Hadiith ke Khazane (URDU ONLY)
Ilaj ul Ghazab (URDU ONLY)
Badghumani ka Iiaj (URDU ONLY)
Astaghfar ke Samarat (URDU ONLY)
Zubaan ki Hifazat (URDU ONLY)
Pachas Qisse (URDU ONLY)
Dua-e-Khatmul Quran (URDU ONLY)
Maut ke Waqt Shaitani Dhoka (URDU ONLY)
Masla-e-Sood (URDU ONLY)
Main Tauba to Karna�? (URDU ONLY)
Falah Daren (URDU ONLY)
Dus Paighamber (URDU ONLY)
Hal Al-Mushkilaat (URDU ONLY)
Tariqa-e-Hajj (URDU ONLY)
Ambiya-e-Ikram (URDU ONLY)
Hijab Parde ke Shar'I Ahkam (URDU ONLY)
Huququl Waldein (URDU ONLY)
Musalman Biwi (URDU ONLY)
Musalman Khawind (URDU ONLY)
Azdwaji Zindagi ke Shar'I Ahkam (URDU ONLY)
Allah Walon Ke Qisse (URDU ONLY)
Tohfah tun Nikah (URDU ONLY)
Tablighi Kaam (URDU ONLY)
Khawab Nama (URDU ONLY)
6 Baten (URDU ONLY)
Masnoon Wa Maqbool Duaen (URDU ONLY)
Azim Nabi Ki Azim Duaen (URDU ONLY)
24 Surtain (URDU ONLY)
Raat Ko Padhne Ke Wazaif (URDU ONLY)
Namaz Hanafi (URDU ONLY)
Namaz Se Pehle (URDU ONLY)
Aurton Ki Namaz (URDU ONLY)
Namaz Kamil (URDU ONLY)
Dala'il us Sulook (URDU) (Hazrat Maulana Allah Yar Khan)
Rasoolallah ki Sunnaten (URDU ONLY)
Qiyamat ki Peshan Goiyan (URDU ONLY)
Hazrat Usman Ghani ke Halat-e-Zindagi (URDU ONLY)
Rasool Allah ki Sahabzadiyan (URDU ONLY)
Janaze ke Ahkaam (URDU ONLY)
Behnon Ke Liye Tohfa (URDU ONLY)
Maidan-e-Hashr (URDU ONLY) (M.Muhammad Ashiq Elahi)
Marne ke Bad Kiya Hoga (URDU ONLY) (M.Muhammad Ashiq Elahi)
Hazrat Ali ke Halat-e-Zindagi (URDU ONLY)(Maulana Sadiq Husain Siddiqui)
Hazrat Umar Farooq ke Halat-e-Zindagi (URDU ONLY) (Maulana Sadiq Husain Siddiqui)
Tabligy Kam Kar Nay Walon Kay Liye Mufeed Malumat (URDU ONLY) (Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi)
Ummat-e-Muslima ki Maein (URDU ONLY)
Jannat Main Dakhila aur Dozakh Sai Nijaat (URDU ONLY)
Hazrat Abu Bakr ke Halat-e-Zindagi (URDU ONLY)
Muhammad (pbuh) ke Halat-e-Zindagi (URDU ONLY)
Karamat-e-Sahaba (URDU ONLY)
UB - Ar-Raheeq al-Makhtoum Deluxe Edition in Box (Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri) URDU ONLY
UQ Tafsir-e-Zia al-Qur'an, 5 Volume Set (Pir Mohammad Karam Shah)
Kuliyat-e-Iqbal URDU ONLY (Mohammad Iqbal)
Bible, Qur'an Aur Science URDU ONLY (Mauris Bokaye)
Teach Yourself Urdu in Two Months (Prof. 'Aziz-ur-Rahman)
Tohfae Khawateen URDU ONLY (Maulana Muhammad Ashiq Illahi Blund Shery)
Bahishti Zewar URDU ONLY (Ashraf Ali-Thanvi)
Hajatul Balagha URDU ONLY (Shah Waliyullah)
Kashf al-Mahjub URDU ONLY (Usman Al-Hujwairi)
Awarif al-Ma'arif URDU ONLY (Shaikh Suhrawardi)
Ghunya Talibi URDU ONLY (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani)
Futuh al-Ghaib (URDU ONLY) (Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani)
Tabeer-e-Khawab Nama URDU ONLY (Ibn Seerin)
Duniya Aur Akhirat URDU ONLY (Ashraf Ali Thanvi)
Manazir-e-Qiyamat URDU ONLY (Shaikh Ul-Hind Mehmoodul Hasan)
Majmua Wazaif Deluxe URDU AND ARABIC ONLY (Khan Muhammad Chawala)
Minhaj al-Muslim URDU ONLY (Imam Abu Bakr al-Jazairi)
Fazail-e-Sadaqat URDU ONLY (Maulana Muhammad Zakariya)
Kitab al-Tawheed brief (Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahab)
Hajj Aur Umrah Kay Masail URDU ONLY (Mualana Mufti Mohammad Shafi)
Rasool Ki Namaz Ka Tareeqa URDU ONLY (Maulana Mufti Jameel Ahmad Naziri)
Namaze-Nabawi URDU ONLY (Dr. Syed Shafiqur Rehman)
Asan Fiqh 2 volume set URDU ONLY (Maulana Yusuf Islahi)
Islami Fiqh, 3 volume set URDU ONLY (Maulana Mujeeb ullah Nadwi)
Yahudiat-o-Nasraniyat, 2 volume set URDU ONLY (Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi)
Islami Riasat URDU ONLY (Syed Ali Mawdudi)
Tafhimat 3 volume set URDU ONLY (Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi)
Sood URDU ONLY (Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi)
Khilafat-ya-Malukiat URDU ONLY (Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdud)
Purdah URDU ONLY (Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi)
Rasail-o-Masail, 4 volume set URDU ONLY (Sayyid Abul A'la Mawdudi)
Tiblis Iblees URDU ONLY (Abu Muhammad Ul-Haq)
Muqadimah URDU ONLY (Abdur Rehman Bin Ibn Khuldun)
Nahjul Balagh (Urdu-Arabic) URDU ONLY (Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib)
Hayatus-Sahaba, 3 volume set URDU ONLY (Mawlana Muhammad Yusuf Kandhalvi)
Siratus-Sahaba, 9 volume set URDU ONLY (Alaulana Nadvi)
Za�ad al-Ma�ad, 2 volume set URDU ONLY (Imam Jawzia)
Sirat-e-Pak URDU ONLY (M. Qasmi)
Sirat-e-Nabi of Ibn Hisham, 2 volume set URDU ONLY (Ibn Hisham)
Hayat-e-Muhammad URDU ONLY (Muhammad Husaun Haykal)
Qissasul Anbiya URDU ONLY (Hafiz Ibne Kathir)
Shamail-e-Tirmidhi URDU ONLY
Bulugh al-Maram URDU ONLY (Al-Hafiz Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani)
Sunan Nisai Sharif, 3 volume set URDU ONLY (Imam Abu Abdur Rahman Ahmed Bin Shoaib Nisai) URDU ONLY
Sunan Ibn Majah, 3 volume set URDU ONLY (Sunnan Ibn Majah)
Muwatta Imam Malik URDU ONLY (Imam Malik)
Sunan Abu Dawud, 3 volume set URDU ONLY (Abu Dawud)
Taiseer al Bari, 6 volume set URDU ONLY (Waheed-uz-Zaman)
Qur'an Translation by Thanvi URDU AND ARABIC ONLY Full Size Deluxe (with Notes) (Ashraf Ali Thanvi)
Dunya Kay Baray Mazhab URDU ONLY (Emadul-Hasan Azad Farooqui)
Rahmatul Alameen, 3 volume set URDU ONLY (Qazi Mohammad Suliman Salman Mansoor Puri)
Riyadh-us-Saliheen, 2 volume set URDU ONLY (Imam Nawawi)
Sahih Muslim Sharief, 6 volume set URDU ONLY (Imam Muslim)
Tafsir-e-Nabawi, 8 Volume URDU ONLY (Maulana Muhammad Nabi Baksh; Allama Pirzada Iqbal Ahmed)
Gem Practical Combined Dictionary : English to English and Urdu, and Urdu to English : Large Size (Raza-ul-Haq Badakshani) Super Size
Laziz Khana Urdu Cookbook (Kaukab Khwaja) URDU ONLY
Qur'an Tr: Tafsir-e-Usmani Full-size (Tr: Mahmood al-Hassan & Shabbir Ahmad Usmani) URDU ONLY
Aik Din Sochay Ga Wo (Nayyar Iqbal) Poetry URDU ONLY
100 Astaza Ki Ghazlain (Muhammad Arif) Poetry URDU ONLY
Khautbat (A. Hamid Adam) Poetry URDU ONLY
Guyaia Azim Shah (Syed Irtiza Ali Kirmani) Poetry URDU ONLY
Sham Dhltey Hi (Nayyer Iqbal) Poetry URDU ONLY
Urdu Ki Pahli Kitab Complete 8 Vol. Set URDU ONLY
Tazkeerul Qur'an, 2 Vol. Tafseer URDU ONLY
Tarikh-e-Islam. 3 volume set. (Mulanna Akber Shah) History URDU ONLY
Usul al Fiqh Islami (Abdur Rahim) URDU ONLY
Ahkamul Qur'an (Zahid Malik) URDU ONLY
Tafsir-e-Haqqani, 3 Vol. (Abu Mohammad Abdul-Haq al-Haqqani) URDU ONLY
Urdu Qaida Rangeen (M. Yousaf Misali) URDU ONLY Language
Masnoon Duain (Maulana Ashiq Illahi) Supplications URDU ONLY
Seerat-un-Naabi, 4 volume set (Allama Shibli Noumani) Biography URDU ONLY
Mishkat Sharief, 3 volume set (Imam Waliuddin Muhammad Bin Abdullah Al- Khatib Alumri) Hadith URDU ONLY
Bukhari Sharief, 3 volume set URDU ONLY (Muhammad Bin Ismail Al-Bukhair)
Tafsir-e-Mazhari, 12 volume set Bound in 6 Books URDU ONLY (Qazi Muhammad Sanullah Uthman) ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING
Para 30 (Juz) Amma with Translation (Hafiz Nazar Ahmed) URDU ONLY
Tafhimul Qur'an: 6 Volumes Deluxe (S.A. Mawdudi) URDU ONLY
Tafhimul Qur'an: 6 Volumes Budget Print (S.A. Mawdudi) URDU ONLY - ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING
Zaad-e-Raah (Maulana Jaleel Ahsan Nadwi) Hadith URDU ONLY
Faza'il A'mal (Muhammad Zakariya) URDU ONLY
Holy Qur'an : Arabic and Urdu Translation with Commentary : Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvi : Qudratullah 34 (Deluxe Gold Edges)
Holy Qur'an : Arabic and Urdu Translation : Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvi : Qudratullah 6 (Deluxe)
Shahkar Islami Encyclopedia (2 Volume Set) 8th Edition Al-Faisal, Lahore (URDU ONLY)
Sahih Islami Aqida (URDU ONLY) (Abduallah bin Baaz)
Tajweed Qur'an With Urdu Translation and Notes : (Original Arabic Text in Tajweed, with Urdu Commentary) 7" x 9.5" Hardcover
Al Munjid Lughat Arabi Urdu (Urdu Arabic Dictionary) URDU
Holy Qur'an Arabic with Urdu Translation : Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvi : Idara Islamiyat
Holy Qur'an Arabic with Urdu Translation : Mawlana Abul A'la Mawdudi : Idara Tarjuman al Qur'an
Holy Qur'an Arabic with Urdu Translation : Shah Rafiuddin Dehlvi and Mawlana Ashraf Ali Thanvi
Holy Qur'an Arabic with Urdu Translation : Shah Rafiuddin Dehlvi and Mawlana Shah Abdul Qadir Dehlvi : Qudratullah 81
Holy Qur'an Arabic with Urdu Translation : Shah Rafiuddin Dehlvi and Nawab Waheed uz Zaman Khan w/ Tafseer and Notes
Pakistani Panj Surah (Urdu and Arabic Only Edition)
Arabi Safwat al-Masadir (Maulana Mushtaq Ahmad Chartauli) URDU ONLY
Ma'ariful Quran Maariful Qur'an 8 Volume Deluxe Urdu Set (Mufti Mohammad Shafi) URDU ONLY - ELIGIBLE FOR FREE USA SHIPPING

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