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Unformatted text preview: http :www.hindustantimes.com/ New Delhi/METRO n Vol. XCIII No. 293 MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2017 PRESIDENT TRUMP’S TV TIME Thee US head of statte watches up tto eight hou urs of TV per day y, says a repo ort in The New w York Times What’s he watching? It’s always news I do not watch much television… I know they like to say — people that don't know me, they like to say I watch television. People with fake sources — you know, fake reporters, fake p sou urces. But I don n't get to watch much television, prim marily because of d documents. I'm read ding documen nts a lot, and diffferent things. AFP 60 -inch flatscreen TV was installed in his private White House dining room, according to Time magazine. The routine am 5:30 Trump wakes up and switches on the television, and flips through the news channels, mostly CNN, Fox and MSNBC. 4-8 hours is how long he watches TV And what the US president misses live, he catches up whenever he can from recordings. Even during meetings, he likes to keep an eye on a nearby TV set for the news scrolling through the bottom. Couch potato? of TV per day is not hours so bad. An average 4 American adult watched five hours of live and recorded TV daily in 2016, says a Nielsen report The fuel Diet Coke Trump 12 cans ofdrinks in a day Tweeterin-chief Trump fires off tweets if something or someone he sees on TV sets him off DONA ALD TRUMP, to rep porters on Air Force One durin ng his recent Asia tour Favourite shows and hosts FOX & FRIENDS SEAN HANNITY JEANINE PIRRO Tracks LAURA INGRAHAM DON LEMON TEXT: YASHWANT RAJ PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW PAGE ONE E PLUS www.hindustantimes.com/delhi MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2017 Mayank Austen Soo ofi EXPERIENCE YOUR CITY LIKE NEVER BEFORE No shark down the lawyer’s lane The Vakeel Lane, on KG Marg, has quiet bungalows, a tomb, a park and a grocery, but no lawyers PUBLIC INTEREST the delhi you should see This quiet stretch has the tranquillity of a siesta hour. beg for money but come here for a bath,” the husband says. Vakeel Lane is a short walk from the Colonial-era commercial district of Connaught Place. But you will not believe it. The air here feels fresher. There is no noise except for the light twittering of birds. The road remains empty most of the time, save for a wandering ramladdu seller or some such soul. And the Connaught Place skyscrapers look as remote as a distant hill range. Stop at the first turning on the left. The board of Delhi Waqf Board marks the entrance to a Sufi shrine. Look for the caretaker if the door is locked. It leads to a hillock fertile with tangled thickets of weeds, grasses, bushes and dry leaves. The surrounding trees have a great number of aerial roots that lie suspended like a theater curtain. Start the walk at the point where the lane meets Kasturba Gandhi Marg. Both sides of the alley are lined with boundary walls and back entrances of bungalows, apartments and high-rise offices. Some weather-beaten walls are landscaped with exquisite shadows of roadside shrubs. The tomb of Hazrat Syed Jalaluddin Bukhari is of green tiles. The ascetic is said to have lived here about a century ago. The tin roof looks forlorn. The ambience changes as you walk ahead. The greenery thickens. Discarded furniture and cracked idols of Ganesha are lying on the roadside – this is because Hindus don’t keep broken gods at home. A torn leather sofa lies resignedly amidst wild shrubs. Close by, a tree has crashed its way through a brick wall. Here and there pink bougainvilleas roll about in drunken bliss What is the story behind the lane’s name? Vakeel means lawyer, but no black-coats are to be seen. We pass a few houses and can actually peek into their courtyards—how lucky these people are to live in such quietness and yet be so close to the city centre. But the gates of most of these houses exude hostility with such tired lines: Beware of Dogs No Parking Further down the lane is a Delhi Development Authority park with two swings. The mood is very sleepy here even though a notice board is exhorting the visitor to exercise. Instead, a young man is fiddling around with his mobile phone while two cats are eating a roti—somebody must have left it for them. The lane is lined with a couple of makeshift ironing stalls, manned by elderly men. The sole vegetable vendor passes his day lying on the pavement with a copy of a Hindi daily. He says most of his customers are Vakeel Lane dwellers, adding that one of the apartment complexes houses the staffers of the nearby Russian Cultural Center. Finally, we reach the only grocery store here. A girl has come to get milk packets and the shopkeeper is addressing her as ‘beti’. The walk ends on Barakhamba Road. We see a man urinating on the lane’s green signboard. One wall threatens with a warning by the New Delhi Municipal Council: Dumping of malba here is prohibited legal action will be taken against the defaulter We stop by a couple who is washing their young children under a hand pump. “We GET THERE VAKEEL LANE Best Time: Evening Nearest Metro Station: Barakhamba Metro Station Connaught Barakhamba Circus Metro Station Mandi House Metro Station VAKIL LANE NSD KG Marg Janpath Road Safdar Hashmi Marg Copernicus Tilak Marg Marg India Gate htweather ALMANAC MONDAY Generally cloudy sky. Light to moderate rain likely to occur 22°c I 13°c • TUESDAY Partly cloudy sky. Very light rain l ikely to occur. 21°c I 10°c • WEDNESDAY Partly cloudy sky. Mist/shallow fog in the morning. 22°c I 09°c Today is 11 December, 2017 l 22-Rabi al-awwal-1439 l Paush, Krishna Paksha, 9 l Samvat 2074 Sunset: Monday at 05:25 p.m. Sunrise: Tuesday at 07:04 a.m. Moonrise: Monday at 00:37 a.m. Moonset: Tuesday at 01:52 p.m. TEMPERATURE IN FOUR METROS Delhi 22°c I 13°c Mumbai 29°c I 23°c Kolkata 26°c I 20°c Chennai 32°c I 23°c PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW www.facebook.com/hindustantimes www.twitter.com/htTweets n DOWNLOAD OUR iPAD APP www.hindustantimes.com/iPad n OUR EDITION ON KINDLE http://read.ht/JS4 MONDAY, DECEMBER 11, 2017 New Delhi/METRO n Vol. XCIII No. 293 n Price ₹5.00/with Hindustan ₹ 9.00 (₹ 7.50 in Faridabad)/with Mint ₹ 9.50 n 20 Pages + 8 Pages of HT City. Area specific pages extra. TRIAL COURTS BEGIN TO GO PAPERLESS RAHUL SET TO TAKE FINAL STEP TO CONGRESS HELM TODAY >htnation p10 ModiallegesPak meddlinginpolls FOREIGN AIRLINES IN LOCAL JV MAY BE ALLOWED TO BID FOR AIR INDIA BATTLE FOR GUJARAT Congress hits back, says why not send Pak’s high commissioner home if there is interference Tarun Shukla HT Correspondents n [email protected] PALANPUR (GUJARAT)/NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi played the Pakistan card during his Gujarat campaign on Sunday, alleging that the hostile neighbour was meddling in the elections to the state assembly, and questioning some senior Congress leaders’ recent meeting with Pakistani officials, including the country’s high commissioner to India. The Congress was quick to deny the charges and asked Modi’s government to repatriate Pakistan’s top diplomat in the country if he was indeed meddling in an Indian election. Addressing a rally in northern Gujarat’s Palanpur, Modi referred to a Facebook post by former director general of the Pakistan army Sardar Arshad Rafiq, saying that senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel should be the next Gujarat chief minister. The post was covered by a section of the Indian media. Minutes later, Patel, Congress n PM Narendra Modi during a rally at Sanand in Gujarat on Sunday. president Sonia Gandhi’s political secretary, hit out at Modi. “It’s a foregone conclusion that he has abdicated the politics of development in both action and words. But does it befit the stature of the Prime Minister to rely on canards, rumours & lies just for an election? This is very sad,” Patel tweeted. The BJP has governed Gujarat for 22 years. The Congress is hoping to unset the BJP by tapping angst over the agrarian crisis and the PTI implementation of the goods and services tax, and on the strength of a coalition it has built with Patidars, some other backward classes, and Dalits. The BJP is hoping to retain power on the strength of the popularity of Prime Minister Modi, who was chief minister of the state for 13 years, and its record of development and governance. CONTINUED ON P 6 VOTER TURNOUT DIPS IN PATIDAR STRONGHOLD ››P9 n A girl was found murdered with grave sexual injuries in Hisar district. The autopsy report said a stick that was inserted in her private parts had perforated her uterus and intestines. ››P8 A Mumbai businessman was arrested for allegedly molesting a teenage actor on a Delhi-Mumbai flight. Junior civil aviation minister Jayant Sinha said the man, if found guilty, would be put on the no-fly list. HT CITY Internal CPI(M) factions led by Sitaram Yechury and Prakash Karat failed to arrive at a decision on the party’s tactical line vis-a-vis the Congress. The issue is now before the central committee. ››P8 112 114/3 India all out in 38.2 overs Sri Lanka in 20.4 overs 8 65 years since Sri Lanka’s last victory over India in India. [email protected] Moushumi Das Gupta 16/5 NEW DELHI: The Union Cabinet couldsoonconsiderandapprove the country’s first anti-humantrafficking law, according to a seniorgovernmentofficialfamiliar with the matter. Thelaw,twoyearsinthemaking,proposespunishmentofupto 14yearsfortraffickers,measures to rehabilitate victims, and the mandatory registration of placement agencies that recruit and place domestic helps, said the official on condition of anonymity. In a first, the draft Trafficking of Persons (Prevention, Protection and Rehabilitation) Bill, 2017, treats a trafficked person who gets into prostitution as a victimratherthan offender. ››P8 4/13 Suranga Lakmal got his career best bowling figures. The Indian hockey team won bronze in the World League Final by defeating Germany on Sunday just as it had beaten Pakistan 7-1 on the day of India’s cricket defeat in the Champions Trophy final on June 18. n Sri Lanka’s Suranga Lakmal celebrates an Indian wicket on Sunday. The defeat to Sri Lanka shattered India’s chances of finishing the year with the No.1 ranking in ODIs. PTI RELATED REPORTS ››P16 Delhi air worsens, rain likely tonight Joydeep Thakur n [email protected] NEW DELHI: Air pollution in the national capital spiked on Sunday as two weather patterns that surfaced thousands of kilometres away pushed up the level of airborne pollutants in the city. India’s official pollution forecasting system SAFAR has forecast the air qualityto dip more on Monday. But the weather office predicted light rain on Monday night and Tuesday. Winter rain may bring the Celsius down but will also help wash away pollutants, giving Delhi a breath of fresh air. The air quality index shot up from 305 to 377 on a scale of 0- 500 on Sunday as the landlocked city was caught in the crosswinds of a depression over the Bay of Bengal and a western disturbance Pollution levels on Sunday Safe limit PM 2.5 60: PM 2.5 µ g/m3, 100: PM 10 µ g/m3 (>300 is emergency) 241 PM 10 AQI blowing from the Mediterranean region. This is the third time in a month that weather disturbances caused Delhi’s air quality Anti­trafficking bill set to get Cabinet nod, victims won’t face prosecution by MS Dhoni, the only Indian to cross 20, is his 67th ODI half-century. is the least runs made by India's top order in ODI history. rules to allow foreign airlines to bid for Air India Ltd as long as they have a local joint venture (JV)withanIndianpartnerasthe governmentseekstoincreasethe number of suitors for the debtladen national carrier. “Foreign airlines will be allowed to bid as per the current policy that’s applicable on all domesticairlines.Thatmuchwe can confirm,” an official with knowledge of the matter said on condition of anonymity. Existing rules allow foreign airlinestoownasmuchas49%in anIndianairline,withtheexception of Air India. With the change in rules, the government expects to make the sale of Air India, which has drawn interest from companies including the Tata group and InterGlobe Aviation Ltd, more competitive. ››P15 mustread CPM DIVIDED OVER SUPPORT TO CONG LANKANS RAIN ON INDIA’S PARADE TO NO.1 NEWDELHI:Indiaislikelytochange theairwe breathe MAN ARRESTED FOR 6­YR­OLD RAPED, KILLED IN HARYANA MOLESTING ACTOR >htnation p8 416 377 (>500 is emergency) (Very poor: 301-400; Severe: 401-500) Source: CPCB to deteriorate. CONTINUED ON P 6 PONIES GET A BREATHER IN POLO MATCHES ››P18 n [email protected] Street vendors to get ~20,000 loan at low interest Ashish Mishra n [email protected] NEWDELHI: The Delhi government will soon provide loans of ~20,000 at low interest rates to vendors to protect them from unorganised loan sharks. The scheme, likely to be launched in January, will be “hassle-free” as the vendors will just have to produce residential proofs to obtain the loan. “Of the ~20,000 loan amount, ~10,000 will be subsidy. The vendors will have to pay 6% interest on the remaining amount,” said social welfare minister Rajendra Pal Gautam. ››P4 PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW 02 hindustantimes HINDUSTAN T IMES, N EW DE LH I M O N DAY, D ECE M B E R 11, 2017 htmetro GOVT REPORT SHOWS ONLY A HANDFUL USE TOILETS NorthDelhisuicide:Policefile caseofmolestation,stalking Time Delhi drew the line on regularisation drives METRO MATTERS UNSAFE 18­year­old man killed self after youths who ‘stalked’ his sister beat him up Shubhomoy Sikdar n [email protected] NEW DELHI: Delhi Police on Sunday said they have registered a case of molestation, stalking and abetment to suicide in the case of a young man who was found hanging in his north Delhi Samaypur Badli house on December 7. Police said that the man was found dead a day after being beaten up by some men who had also allegedly molested and stalked his elder sister. Police are yet to arrest any of the alleged stalkers. Narrating the sequence of events, the man’s 19-year-old elder sister told HT that on December 6 two men had stalked her on her way to work. The woman claimed that she started running in order to avoid her stalkers and thankfully bumped into some of her friends. She said that later, when she met her brother for lunch that day, she told him about the duo, who she claimed would wait for her in nearby parks and vacant plots. The 19-year-old works in a dry fruit packaging factory, while her brother worked as a mechanic in a garage. “On his way back from the garage around 8.30pm, my n brother spotted the two men sitting in a park and confronted them. The men then called up 10-12 of their friends to the spot, who together assaulted my brother ,” said the sister. The man’s younger sister, aged 14, who was on her way home from a coaching class, saw the assailants roughing up her brother and immediately alerted the family, who intervened and broke up the fight. “Before leaving the men threatened to abduct me,” the elder sister said. A day later, the man was found hanging inside his house. His mother said she had stepped out to buy shawls when her son took his life. “I had gone down to buy shawls and my daughters were also not in the room. When one my daughters came up to get money from the room, she found it locked from the inside. She raised an alarm alerting the neighbours. They then broke down the door to find my boy hanging,” the woman said. The man was rushed to a nearby hospital, where doctors declared him brought dead. The hospital informed the police and a case was registered. “We have named three persons in the FIR and several teams have been formed to trace them,” said DCP (Rohini) Rajneesh Gupta. The room in which the victim killed himself on December 7 in his north Delhi house. SANCHIT KHANNA/HT PHOTO SHIVANI SINGH n Relatives of the 18­year­old mourn his death in north Delhi’s Samaypur Badli. In Delhi, where a majority of constructionsviolatebuilding norms or are outright illegal, the words sealing and demolitionthrowupascaryimagery. The national capital got a reality check in 2006 when simultaneously the Supreme Court ordered sealing of commercialunitsthatranillegally fromresidentialspacesandthe highcourtdirecteddemolition ofunauthorisedconstructions. As the court-appointed monitors went about locking up properties after properties and bulldozers landed up at people’shomes,Delhiopeneda can of worms. It was not just a local grocery store or a homestead extension at fault. Even governmentoffices,mallsrun by top designers and highstreet fashion outlets were foundoperatinginneighbourhoods not meant for them. Also, illegal construction turned out to be a problem not restricted to working-class neighbourhoods. Even in the plushest of postal codes, there washardlyahomethatdidnot makeanillegalextension—an extraroomhere,acoveredbalcony there. Some encroachments brazenly ate into pavementswhilebasementscarved out space under public thoroughfares. Soon, the government steppedin to introduce laws to protect the violators and Delhi’sMasterPlanwassubsequently amended. In 2012, the Supreme Court withdrew its monitoringcommittee.This,it said, was done with the “hope and expectation” that the authorities would carry out their statutory duties and act against unauthorised usage. Five years on, the Apex courtfeelsletdown.Observing how “the hope, expectation SANCHIT KHANNA/HT ‘He was an honest, nice man, never fought with anyone’ Shubhomoy Sikdar n [email protected] NEW DELHI: “My mother had warned me about the men. My brother protested against them and look what happened to him. Our area is not safe for women. But we need to still work because we have families to feed,” said the elder sister of an 18-year-old man, who was found hanging in his Samaypur Badli house on Thursday. The young woman, who lost her father 11 years ago said that she was forced to go work because she was the eldest in the family. “I took up a job last year against the wishes of my mother. She always told me that the area was full of men who troubled young women,” she said. On December 6, two men stalked her, beat up her brother and later threatened to abduct her. The family members of the deceased on Sunday, while mourning the death, said that the 18-year-old man was forced to take his life out fear. The house in north Delhi’s Samaypur Badli, where the man was found hanging on Thursday, has just one-room, the walls of which is unplastered and adorned with pictures of Bollywood actors. Speaking to Hindustan Times on Sunday, the man’s elder sister remembered him as having started to work at the young age of 14 to support the family. “My mother’s salary was not enough to support a family of five, especially when the young- est child in the family is differently abled. The medical bills run into several thousands every month,” she said adding that she lost her father in 2006. “My brother was an honest, nice man. He never picked any fights, kept himself busy working and did everything he could to keep his family happy. With him gone, all that is left with us is fear and despair,” said the elder sister. The 18-year-old’s mother said he had stepped up to fill the shoes of his father after her husband died. “My son wanted to work from a very young age. He trained himself in a garage and used to work 12-14 hours a day to fund the education and treatment of my daughters. With him gone, I do not know how we will make our ends meet,” she said. n Delhi seems to have learnt no lessons from the 2006 sealing drive. HT FILE andtrust…reposedintheconcerned officers seem to have been completely belied,” the Supreme Court warned last week that it might revive its monitoring committee which hadsealedthousandsofillegal commercialestablishmentsin Delhi a decade ago. Ten years was long enough forDelhitohavesetitshousein order.Butasthenationalcapital waited for some proactive measures, unchecked commercialisation paralysed the city.Streetsarecrammedwith traffic. Sewers overflow from excessive load. Pavements have no space for pedestrians. Today, every third resident lives in a poorly provisioned, illegal settlement and house collapseskillmorepeoplethan otherdisasterinnormaltimes. For any conscientious government, the 2006 sealing and demolitiondrivesshouldhave been a wake-up call. But successive governments have turnedablindeye,asifwaiting for the illegalities gain a critical mass at which they have to be regularised. Granting legal titlesinthenameofregularisation is an oft-repeated poll promise in Delhi since the 1970s. Eventhelistofconstruction violations is routinely modified to exempt more and more constructions. While the Central laws granted immunity to unlawful structures and land use violations between 2006 and 2014 to buy time to make norms and strengthen the enforcement mechanism, the Fortis dengue death: Case against one hospital doctor I STAMMERED AS A CHILD: RANI MUKERJI Check out today’s HT City LX°°FeÀF¦FPÞX SXFª¹F WXF±FIYSX§FF d½FIYFÀF E½Fa d½F´F¯F³F ÀFWXIYFSXe ÀFa§F ¸F¹FFÊ.X ¶Fe-26, ÀFZ¢MS-07, ³¹Fc SFªFZ³ýi ³F¦FS, SF¹F´FbS, R û³F / R` ¢ÀF : 0771-4020540 VFMÊ dÀF»FFBÊ WZ°Fb SmdO¸FZO I F»FS ¸FFBIi ûOFGM ´FiZÀF ¶FI S¸F E½Fa »FZ¶F»F d³Fd½FQF AF¸FaÂF¯F L°°FeÀF¦FPÞ SFª¹F WF±FI S§FF d½FI FÀF E½Fa d½F´F¯F³F ÀFWI FSe ÀFa§F ¸F¹FFÊ. SF¹F´FbS I û VFMÊ dÀF»FFBÊ WZ °Fb »F¦F·F¦F 65.00 »FF£F ³F¦F Sm dO¸FZÔO I F»FS ¸FFBIi ûOFGM ´FiZÀF ¶FI S¸F °F±FF VFMÊ , MÐ ¹Fcd³FI E½Fa WFR ´F`ÔM WZ °Fb »F¦F·F¦F 130.00 »FF£F ³F¦F »FZ¶F»F (ÀMeI S) I e AF½FV¹FI °FF ÀFa·FFd½F°F W` Ü dªFÀFI e AF´Fcd°FÊ WZ °Fb ÀFe»F ¶FaQ d»FR FR F ¸FZÔ ´FȱFI -´FȱFI d³Fd½FQF AF¸FadÂF°F I e ªFF°Fe W` Ü B¨Lb I ¶FI S¸F E½Fa »FZ¶F»F d³F¸FFÊ°FF/d½FIiZ °FF dQ³FFaI 12.12.2017 ÀFZ 15.01.2018 °FI I F¹FFÊ»F¹Fe³F ÀF¸F¹F ¸FZÔ I F»FS (¶FI S¸F) WZ °Fb d³Fd½FQF R F¸FÊ E½Fa VF°FZË SFdVF 1500/- ÷ ´F¹FZ °F±FF »FZ¶F»F WZ °Fb d³Fd½FQF R F¸FÊ E½Fa VF°FZË SFdVF ÷ ´F¹FZ 1000/- ÷ ´F¹FZ ¸FZÔ ÀFa§F I F¹FFÊ»F¹F ¸FZÔ ³F¦FQ A±F½FF ´Fi¶Fa²F ÀFa¨FF»FI , L°°FeÀF¦FPÞ SFª¹F WF±FI S§FF d½FI FÀF E½Fa d½F´F¯F³F ÀFWI FSe ÀFa§F ¸F¹FFÊ. SF¹F´FbS IZ ³FF¸F ÀFZ ¶F`ÔI OÑ FµM/¶F`ÔI ÀFÊ ¨FZI ªF¸FF I S ´FiF´°F I S ÀFI °FZ W`Ô Ü ÀFd¨F½F S-84075/6 Ipsita Pati n [email protected] municipalities have used it as an excuse to not take action against even the more recent contraventions. Just two months ago, the NorthDelhiMunicipalCorporation proposed a partial amnesty to illegal constructions that came up until a year ago, while admitting that 90% ofproperties initsjurisdiction had some unauthorised components. Yet, nobody has investedin strengthening the enforcement mechanism. While the municipalities remain the biggest offender in this civic mess, the government planners and builders werealsoat fault.In Delhi,initial urban planning discouraged mixed zones where commercialandresidentialspaces coexist. But rules were violated and illegal, haphazard commercialisation continued unabated and mixed land use became synonymous with chaos, congestion, corruption and poor quality of life. Shortage of land also incentivised illegal construction. Much of the blame goes to the DelhiDevelopmentAuthority, the city’s primary landowner and developer, which failed in its basic duty of providing affordable housing. The agency’s policy of locking up huge tracts of land held up the housingsupply. Thoseinneed turned to the illegal market whereplotsandevenready-tomove flats were available on more flexible terms. Giventhescaleofmounting irregularities, mass demolition was not an option. Regularisation drive is backed as a step towards recognising the rights of citizenry to housing and workspace. But no matter how many justifications we have for the mess, they do not absolvetheauthorities,which failed to plan, build, enforce and regulate for five long decades. That is where a city still aspiring to be ‘world-class’ must draw the line. n [email protected] DCW volunteer attacked: Two cops transferred, inquiry launched HT Correspondent GURGAON:A case of culpable hom- icide was filed against a doctor of Gurgaon’s Fortis Hospital on the complaint of the Haryana health department, police said on Sunday. The hospital is accused of medical negligence leading to the death of a seven-year-old dengue patient as well as overcharging her family in September. The district administration on Sunday stated that the investigation has been started in the Fortis case and soon the hospital will be booked under Section 188 (disobedience to order duly promulgated by public servant) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for not informing about the dengue case to the health department. “Apart from the criminal action, civil actions can be taken against the hospital. The drug control department had issued a notice to the pharmacy as discrepancies were found in it. Notice has also been issued to Fortis for the closure of its blood bank and for overcharging for platelets, as per the inquiry report by the health department. Action will be taken after a response from the hospital,” Vinay Pratap Singh, deputy commissioner, Gurgaon, said on Sunday. > P04 n [email protected] NEWDELHI:DelhiPoliceonSunday n Fortis Hospital is accused of medical negligence leading to the death of a seven­year­old dengue patient. HT FILE PHOTO The health department has submittedacomplaint regarding the same to the police on Saturday and the police confirmed the case on Sunday. The case was filed at Sushant Lok police station against a senior consultant in department of paediatric at Fortis hospital Gurgaon, under section 304 part 2 (culpable homicide not amounting to murder) of Indian Penal Code (IPC), which carries a maximum punishment of 10 years. “We have submitted our findings of the inquiry . We believe that the hospital had over- charged the family of the deceased,” said BK Rajora, chief medical officer, Civil Hospital, Gurgaon. The hospital in a statement said that, “We have heard from media reports that an FIR has been filed against Fortis Memorial Research Institute at Sushant Lok police station. We are yet to receive a copy of the FIR or the full inquiry report of the committee deputed by the state.Wecancommentonlyafter receiving the report. We will offer full cooperation to the authorities in the process.” — two days after the women’s commissionallegedthatoneofits femalevolunteerwasbeatenand paraded naked for trying to stop liquor sale in Narela — transferredaconstableandaheadconstable and initiated an inquiry against them. DCP(Rohini)RajneeshGupta, however, maintained that the transferwasnotconnectedtothe assault on the woman. He said that the men were transferred becausetheyfailedto check illegal sale of liquor in the area. Thevictimwasapartofateam, which along with police, had seizedillegalliquorfromahouse in the area last Thursday. the woman was attacked ‘in retaliation’on Friday.Policehadearlier denied that the woman was “paraded naked”. “We have transferred a head constable and constable, who were posted in Narela Police station, to district lines for failing to checkillicitsupplyofliquorinthe area. An inquiry has been initiated against the two and further actionwilldependontheprobe’s findings,” said Gupta. IN­SITU DEVELOPMENT Kalkaji slum dwellers to get DDA flats MILITARY ENGINEER SERVICES NOTICE INVITING E-TENDERS CWE (AF) Jammu on behalf of the President of India invites online item rate bids on Single Stage Two Cover Bid System for the following work:1. Name of Work: SPECIAL REPAIR AND REPLACEMENT OF STREET/LED LIGHTS AT DOMESTIC AREA UNDER GE AF JAMMU. 2. Estimated Cost: Rs. 49.50 lacs (Approx) 3. Period of Completion: 180 days 4. Tender ID: 2017_MES_161272_1 For further detail refer website eprocuremes. gov.in/eprocure.gov.in davp 10102/11/1929/1718 Gulam Jeelani n [email protected] NEWDELHI:As many as 3,000 slum dwellers living in unauthorised clusters in south Delhi’s Kalkaji are likely to be shifted to flats in nearby multi-storey buildings by June next year. The project — first of three pending since 2007 – follows the slum redevelopment in Kathputli colony near Shadipur Depot in which 2,800 families living in shanties are being shifted under Delhi Development Authority’s (DDA) first in-situ redevelopment scheme for economically weaker sections. The scheme, part of Delhi Master Plan 2021, envisages shifting dwellers from shanties to multi-storey apartments that have been built on the public-private partnership model in the vicinity. “By June 2018, the housing colony for slum dwellers in Sector 14 of Kalkaji will be completed and we will shift at least 3,024 families,” said JP Agrawal, principal commissioner (housing), DDA. Spread over 10 acres, the new colony is coming up at Govindpuri road, around 1km away from the three JJ clusters in Kalkaji which house over 9,000 families. The colony, that is being constructed since 2014, has five towers with fourteen floors each. Each of the flat in the tow- ers will have two rooms, a kitchen and a toilet. Hoping to avoid a rerun of Kathputli, where the resettlement scheme faced resistance, the land owning agency hopes that the process of transfer will be smooth in Kalkaji. In Kathputli, officials said, the resistance was primarily because dwellers had to shift to a transit camp 2km away before shifting to the newly constructed flats. “We will shift the Kalkaji families only when the flats are ready. There is no need for a transit camp like Kathputli colony,” a DDA official said. After shifting the 3,024 families the DDA will construct another multi-storey building to house 3000 families in the second phase. Finally in the third phase, another multi-storey building will be constructed at the site which will house another 3000 families. “The space vacated after shifting the third cluster of 3000 families would be used by DDA for revenue generation,” said Agrawal. After Kalkaji, DDA will take up slum rehabilitation of nearly 1700 families living in shanties in Jailorwala Bagh in northwest Delhi’s Ashok Vihar, home to 7,000 people since 1990. “We expect to complete Ashok Vihar flats by June 2019,” a DDA official said. PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW hindustantimes HINDUSTAN T IMES, N EW D E LH I M O N DAY, DEC E M B ER 1 1 , 2 0 1 7 metro 03 PlantorenovateJamaMasjidfuelshope TWO­FLOOR PRECINCT Shahjahanabad Redevelopment Corporation sends detailed plan to SPA for decongesting and beautifying area around 360­yr­old mosque HT Correspondent n [email protected] Saving Delhi’s heritage NEW DELHI : Local residents and experts are upbeat over a comprehensive revamp and decongestion plan for Jama Masjid, proposed by the Shahjahanabad Redevelopment Corporation (SRDC).Theyexpectthattheplan will be implemented this time, unlike several others which had been proposed but remained in papers only. The SRDC — a special body constituted to plan and execute redevelopment of Old Delhi — has submitted two plans to the SchoolofPlanningandArchitecture (SPA) for review. One plan proposes to relocate Meena Bazar,theothertalksaboutshifting shops and creating facilities underground (see graphic). “We hope to get a response fromSPAsoon,”saidaDelhigovernment official. Rampant encroachments and unbridled illegal constructions around the 360-year-old monument have been on the radar of the authorities for a long time. Haji Miyan Fayazuddin, who runs a guest house opposite the mosque, said efforts to give the areaafaceliftwerelongpending. “Roads are full of potholes along Chawri Bazaar. The historic UrduBazarhasbeenturnedinto a food street. Illegal constructionsoverrunroadsleadingtothe mosque, not to mention the encroachments by hawkers and illegal parking lots. Good that someoneisatleastthinkingtodo something now,” he said. Rana Safvi, author and historian, said the area desperately needed attention. “The filth and chaos belies the significance the imposing structure carries. It is getting from bad to worse. We hopetheplantakesoffthistime,” she said. Historian Sohail Hashmi welcomed the plan, suggesting the wholesalemarkets,includingthe one in Chawri Bazar should be shifted. “First, traders should be removed from the area as was proposedin1950’s.Thehardware and grain markets in Chawri Bazar are a major source of congestion.Thelandscapeshouldbe rebuiltasitwasinearly20thcentury,” he said. The SRDC proposes to build centrally air-conditioned shops, sports facilities, community centre, arts and cultural centre and parking for about 1,500 cars by razing 22 steps near Shahi Darwaza and creating space underground. It also plans underpasses for smooth traffic. Concrete space for worshippers Dargah Sheikh Kalimullah JAMA MASJID Chandni Chowk Kinari Bazar Jogiwara JAMA MASJID Chawri Bazar Rathi Market GREEN PATCHES Red Fort Jama Masjid Metro station Kasturba Hospital Marg Shanti Van Marg CHAWRI BAZAAR URDU BAZAAR Netaji Subhash Marg Mazar of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Ansari Road DELHI Level 2 15 metres high from ground level Level 1 Space for ceremonies and indoor sports facilities Remains of the AKBARABADI MASJID PASSAGE for the Shahi Gate (14 mtrs wide) WUZUKHANA (place for ablutions) and civic facilities MAIN ENTRY from Netaji Subhash Marg (About 15 metres high) FOOD COURT ENTRY/EXIT for community facilities AUDITORIUM ART GALLERY I TA BA HOSP KASTUR Underground MEENA BAZAR L ROAD DARIBA KALAN UNDERPASS 4 From Nukkad Faiz Bazar to Daryaganj UNDERPASS 3 Traffic from Jama Masjid may take a U-turn here to go towards Delhi Gate PARKING Meena Bazar MUSEUM N E TA J I LIBRARY UNDERPASS 2 From Nishadraj Marg to Netaji Subhash Marg; traffic may take Underpass 1 to take a U-turn UNDERGROUND U-TURN for traffic from Kashmere Gate side, going towards Parade Ground PARKING for tourist cars and buses PARKING (Urdu Bazar side) SUBHA SH MA RG RED FORT UNDERPASS 1 From Heritage Dharampura Road to Netaji Subhash Marg, U-turn for the traffic from the underground facility to merge into it SHOPS PASSAGE for shoppers 14-metre-wide) Parade ground MULTI-LEVEL PARKING Graphic: MALAY KARMAKAR W E AT H E R U P D AT E Showers from today may clean Delhi’s air n A group of children skate on a road in Dwarka on Sunday morning. Weather department has forecast VIPIN KUMAR/HT PHOTO that shallow fog and mist will continue in the city for at least two days. HT Correspondent n [email protected] NEW DELHI: Delhi might receive some light rain from Monday night, officials at the regional weather forecasting centre forecast Experts said that the drizzle couldwashawaysomeofthepollutants and help improve city’s airquality.Pollution levelshave spiked over the past three days and pollutants like PM10 and PM2.5haveshotupfourtimesthe safe standards. “We are expecting some light rainstartingfromMondaynight. It is likely to continue till Tuesday,” said Kuldeep Srivastava, a senior scientist with the RWFC. ThiswouldbethefirstDecemberraininDelhisince2014.Delhi didn’treceiveanyraininDecember in 2015 and 2016. “A strong Western Disturbance is approaching. It has already trig- n A satellite image shows disturbance over Northwest SOURCED India. geredacyclonic circulation over Rajasthan. These two systems together will trigger some rain,” he added. As loads of moisture has gushed in, because of this western disturbance, Delhi experiencedamorningmistonSunday. There could be a mist or shallow fog on Monday too. Theskyislikelytoturncloudy from Monday. The cloud cover and the high moisture levels wouldpushupthenighttemperature.Themaximumtemperature is likely to drop. “The night temperature that had dropped to around 7.6 in the last week of Novemberisexpectedtoshootup toaround10degreesbyTuesday. Thedaytemperature,whichwas above 27 degrees Celsius on Sunday, is likely to drop to around 23 degrees Celsius,” he added. Shallow fog and mist are expected to continue for at least two days after the rains cease, as moisture levels would be high. Delhi could expect a sharp drop in mercury levels once the cold and northwesterly winds start blowing. As soon as themoisturelevelsdropsandthe winds pick up speed the mist will also disappear. ‘Budding’ shooters plan to kill bully, arrested HT Correspondent n [email protected] NEWDELHI:Twomen,describedby the police as budding criminals, were arrested on Saturday for plotting to kill a rival in police custody.Forboththecriminals,it was personal, more than it was business. Their target, Farman alias Nanhe,anotoriousgangsterfrom northeast Delhi, had sexually assaultedoneofthemandthreatened and humiliated the other. Last week, they decided to shoot Nanhe on Saturday, when he was to be taken to a city hospital for medical examination by thepolice.Butthepolicearrested them minutes before they could execute their plan. OfficersoftheSpecialCellsaid Farman is a member of Nasir gang, which controls extortion, betting and illegal liquor operationsinnortheastDelhi.Farman, who was recently arrested for murder and extortion by the Uttar Pradesh police, was brought to the city on Saturday onatransitremand.Thetwomen along with their gang members had planned to shoot dead Farman from a ‘close range’. Personsinpolicecustodyhave to be taken for a medical examination at least once in 24 hours. DCPspecialcellPramodKushwahsaidthepolicereceivedatipoff on Saturday that a group of gangsters would meet in Welcome area of northeast Delhi. Their rendezvous point was the East Delhi Municipal Corporation’s zonal office in Shahdara, located less than 2 kilometres from Welcome police station, POLICE FOIL A MURDER PLAN n Danish, 21, and his friend had planned to kill Farman alias Nanhe, a notorious gangster of northeast Delhi’s Nasir gang n Farman had allegedly threatened to kill Danish and sexually assaulted his friend. The duo wanted to take their revenge on the gangster n Police said the duo had planned to kill Farman on Saturday when he was brought on transit where Farman was lodged. “At about 5.45pm Danish,21, and his 24-year-old associate (who was sexually assaulted by Farman) reached the spot on a scooter, which did not have a number plate. After some time, remand from UP, where he was arrested in a murder and extortion case n Danish’s friend had registered a case of sexual assault against Farman at the Welcome police station. They told police Farman used to bully them n They had planned to kill Farman in Shahdara but the special cell got a tip-off and a team arrested them two others reached there,” said DCP Kushwah. Apoliceteam whichwaswaiting for them at the spot told the gangsterstosurrender.Kushwah said the criminals fired at the police team. While others man- aged to escape, Danish and his friend were arrested. During interrogation, the two confessed that Farman bullied them. Recently, he had held the 24-year-old at gunpoint and assaulted him sexually. “The man was sexually assaulted for refusing to give Farman protection money. He had also filed a policecaseattheWelcomepolice station against Farman under sections of unnatural sex. Farman was threatening him to withdrawthecase,”aseniorspecial cell official said. The two told the police that they knew Farman since childhood.Farmanusedtoextortfrom local traders. He had also fired outside Danish’s house in the area andthreatenedhis fatherto give in to their demands. Police said they are looking for others. Truck overturns on Noida murders: Minor accused Ring Road, two killed placed in solitary confinement HT Correspondent n [email protected] NEW DELHI: In a case of hit-and- run, two men sleeping on a footpath were killed after a speeding truck fell on them near Swami Narayan temple near ISBT Kashmere Gate in north Delhi in the early hours of Sunday. The two victims have not been identified yet. A senior police officer added that the accident took place at 1am when a truck carrying grains from Bulandshahr in Uttar Pradesh and heading towards Narela Anaj Mandi tried to negotiate a loop on the northern stretch of the Ring Road. “As soon as the driver took the turn, he lost control and the truck overturned. The two labourers were sleeping on the footpath along the road. They were crushed by the truck. The truck driver got down and fled the spot,” said the officer. Locals sleeping nearby heard the loud noise of the truck and called the police control room. A police team took the two men, both in their 50’s to the Sushruta Trauma Centre where they succumbed to their injuries during treatment, police said. “The truck’s driver was identified through the vehicle’s registration number. He has been identified as one Jaswant. He was arrested on Sunday,” said DCP (north) Jatin Narwal. Police on Sunday said that they have kept the bodies of the two men at a north Delhi mortuary and would wait for 72 hours before carrying out post mortem to see whether somebody claims the bodies. Sohil Sehran n [email protected] NOIDA :The 16-year-old boy, who was sent to the observation home in Noida on Saturday after he confessed to have killed his mother and sister, did not talk much about the incident, said the official who counselled him at the juvenile care home. The boy said he did it in a fit of rage, without realising the consequences of his action, the official said quoting the boy. After two days of the incident, he started missing his family and later called up his father. He said he was confused and could not tell his father about his whereabouts, the observation home official said, quoting his conversations with the accused juvenile. The counsellor quoted the boy saying, “Maine galat kiya lekin tab pata he nahi chala. Maine socha bhi tha kood jaoon.” The counsellor hinted that the boy had developed resentment against his mother at a very young age and shared a closer bond with his grandfather. Police had brought the boy to observation home around 5.30pm, where his father and other relatives were present. Before entering the home, the boy hugged his father and went in without talking to him. An official said that in view of the gravity of the incident, the boy has been put in solitary confinement. “He is remorseful, but he is still angry. He will have to be in solitary confinement for four days at least. The boy is not ready to share the details and we do not want to make him uncom- fortable by broaching the subject at this stage,” the counsellor said. The first counselling session took place at 10pm on Saturday which lasted for one hour. He slept at 11pm and woke up at 7am. “At 9am on Sunday, we had the second round of counselling in which he looked a little comfortable. He was given a haircut and later some story books. The observation home is all about changing the mental make up of a juvenile,” the counsellor added. The boy followed the directions of the home officials. He ate dal, roti, rice, paneer on Saturday night and had milk and aaloo-poori for the Sunday breakfast. He can meet his parents once a week, on Thursdays. PRINTED AND DISTRIBUTED BY PRESSREADER PressReader.com +1 604 278 4604 ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY . ORIGINAL COPY COPYRIGHT AND PROTECTED BY APPLICABLE LAW 04 metro hindustantimes HINDUSTAN T IMES, NEW DE L H I M O NDAY, D ECE M B E R 1 1 , 2 01 7 Govtreportshowsonly Govt to give easy loans to Hawkers elated, Oppn says govt vendors to protect must focus on ahandfulusetoilets street them from money lenders regularising them E X T E N D I N G CHALLENGE Delhi’s urban shelter body reports only 25% of the 15 lakh slum dwellers in Delhi were using community toilets, officials fear the govt may miss its open­defecation goal Ashish Mishra NEWDELHI:The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government may be planning to make Delhi open-defecation free by March 2018, but the situationon the groundsuggests that the administration may not be able to meet its deadline. An internal report of Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board(DUSIB),compiledinOctober this year, states that out of around 15 lakh slum dwellers of thecityonlyalittle more than3.5 lakh use community toilets. The calculationrevealsthatonly25% of the target users are using the facility. Though slum dwellers use facilitiessetupbyotheragencies likemunicipalcorporation,tourism department, Delhi Development Authority, New Delhi MunicipalCouncil,Delhicantonment board, yet they comprise a substantial portion to open defecation. DUSIBhasinstalled19,168 toiletseatsat641toiletcomplexestill November 2017, out of which 18,281 toilet seats are functional while the remaining are under repair and renovation. DUSIB plans to build 2,500 more toilets andtheMCDs willbuildanequal numberbythe yearend.Thegovernmenthassetatargettobuilda total of 27,000 toilet seats in the citytobeabletomakethecityfree of open defecation by next year. This leaves the authorities with thebigchallengeofbuilding3,000 toiletsinthefirstthreemonthsof 2018 to meet the deadline. Though DUSIB says it is on coursewiththeconstruction,itis the under-utilisation of toilets Delhi to miss toilet goal The state govt will need to build at least 3,000 toilets in the first three months of 2018 to meet its deadline n DUSIB has installed 19,168 toilet seats till Nov 2017. 19,168 Number of toilet seats till November 2017 (functional – 18,281, non-functional - 887) 641 Total number of toilet complex 2,500 Total number of toilet complexes 3,70,386 CO RPO R ATI ON OF Slum dwellers using community toilets 27,000 Number of toilet seats proposed by March 2018 30,000 Toilet seats required if 1 seat is used by 30 people (Swachh Bharat rules) Status report of inspection says toilets condition was average which is making the challenge bigger. DUSIB officials say there aremorethanthreelakhfamilies wholivein slums ofDelhi,ifthey assume that a family has five members on an average. This bringsthenumberofslumdwellersinthecitytoabout15lakh.As per Swachh Bharat Abhiyan guidelines there should be one toilet seat for 30 people. According to DUSIB officials, the under-utilisation of toilets could be the result of the ₹1 per F HT FILE person charged from users. BipinRai,memberDUSIB,told HTthatslumdwellerspractically hadtopay₹2perpersonforusing the facility managed by NGOs. Complaintsareoftenreceivedin thisconnectionandactiontaken against such NGOs. Explaining the reason behind under-utilisation of toilets, Rai said that if there were six membersinafamilyandtheyrelieved themselves twice or thrice daily thenthefamilyendsupspending O A O DI [email protected] D IN n around ₹1,000 on toilets only. “Thisisaconsiderableamount formostofthefamiliesresidingin slums. Witnessing this problem, the board members have proposed to waive the user charge which was unanimously accepted. This will boost the usage of toilets in JJ clusters,” Rai said. Delhi chief minister Arvind KejriwalinOctoberthisyearhad announced that no user charges would be levied in toilets from January 1, 2018. “Thousands of families, who liveinslums, havebuilttoilets in theirhouses.Thisisalsoareason behind under-utilisation of toilets in JJ clusters,”Rai said, adding, that the rehabilitation of around 35,000 slum families is also in the pipeline where people will have their own toilets. According to DUSIB officials, behavioural issuesof peopleand untidytoilets arealso majorcontributors. The responsibility of maintaining toilets has been given to NGOs. As per norms a toilet should be cleaned thrice a day, but this practice seldom takes place. “The small NGOs, whoareoperatingtheDUSIBtoilet complexes at JJ clusters, do not work properly and toilets remain dirty. So now we are in talks with some big NGOs, who have specialty in this field, to manage toilets properly,” said DUSIB member AK Gupta. SunilKumarAledia,executive director, Centre for Holistic Development said, “Making Delhi open-defecation free by March 2018 is not possible. Delhi needs around 50,000 toilets to become OD free which will need around five years,” he said. 16-20, BARAKHAMBA LANE, NEW DELHI-110001 NOTICE INVITING e-TENDERS The Executive Engineer, Civil Road Maintenance Division NW Road-2, PWD(GNCTD), Sainik Vihar, Road No. 43, Delhi-110034, invites, on behalf of the President of India, Online Percentage Rate tender from approved & eligible contractors of CPWD, MES, BSNL & other State Government Department dealing with Building and Roads and other experienced contractors for following work through e-procurement solution:NIT No. 77/EE/NWR-2/PWD/201718, Name of Work: A/R & M/O to various roads under PWD Division NWR-2 during 2017-18. (SH:- Misc. repair of various roads under Sub Division NWR-24.) Estimated Cost: Rs. 15,31,957/-, Earnest Money: Rs. 30,639/-, Period of Completion: 60 Days, Last time and date of submission of bid: up to 3.00 P.M. on 18.12.2017 and opening at 3.30 PM on 18.12.2017, Tender ID. No. 2017_PWD_141323_1 NIT No. 78/EE/NWR-2/PWD/201718, Name of Work:- Road Restoration of various roads cut by different civic agencies under PWD division NWR-2, section-II, Sub division NWR-23 during 2017-18, Estimated Cost: Rs. 6,61,597/-, Earnest Money: Rs. 13,232/-, Period of Completion: 30 Days, Last time and date of submission of bid: up to 3.00 P.M. on 18.12.2017 and opening at 3.30 PM on 18.12.2017, Tender ID No. 2017_PWD_141344_1 NIT No. 81/EE/NWR-2/PWD/201718, Name of Work:- A/R & M/O to various roads under PWD Division NWR-2 during 2017-18, (SH:Providing and applying 2.5mm thick thermoplastic road marking strips at Sector-20, 21, Rohini, under section1, sub division NWR-23.) Estimated Cost: Rs. 9,61,360/-, Earnest Money: Rs. 19,227/-, Period of Completion: 30 Days, Last time and date of submission of bid: up to 3.00 P.M. on 18.12.2017 and opening at 3.30 PM on 18.12.2017. Tender ID No. 2017_PWD_141335_1 NIT No. 83/EE/NWR-2/PWD/201718, Name of Work:- A/R & M/O to various roads under PWD Division NWR-2 dg. 2017-18. (SH: Repair/ Improvement of berm, footpath & drain at Jaipur Golden Hospital, Sector-3, Rohini, Delhi under Sub Division NWR-22.) Estimated Cost: Rs. 37,02,174/-, Earnest Money: Rs. 74,043/-, Period of Completion: 120 Days, Last time and date of submission of bid: up to 3.00 P.M. on 18.12.2017 and opening at 3.30 PM on 18.12.2017, Tender ID. No. 2017_PWD_141325_1 The bid forms and other details can be obtained from the website https://govtprocurement.delhi.gov.in DIP/Shabdarth/2659/17-18 NOTICE INVITING BIDS FOR APPOINTMENT OF CONSULTANT F O R S E L E C T I N G S E RV I C E PROVIDER FOR BULK MOVEMENT OF FOODGRAIN FOR 30 YEARS FROM BASE SILOS TO FIELD SILOS Tender No. FCI/MOVT/HLCSILO/CONSULTANT/2017 For and on behalf of the Food Corporation of India online bids in the prescribed Bid Document under two Bid system are invited from interested, eligible bidders for Appointment of Consultant for selecting service provider for bulk movement of foodgrains for 30 years from base silos to field silos. The Bid Documents and other detailed terms & conditions are available in the FCI w e b s i t e w w w. f c i . g o v. i n ( f o r reference only) as well as at on CPP Portal at https://eprocure.gov.in/ eprocure/app (for reference and online bidding). The last date for online submission of Bids through CPP Portal is 08.01.2018 upto 15:00 Hrs. General Manager (Movt) jk"Vª ds [kk| lqj{kk izgjh RASHTRIYA ISPAT NIGAM LIMITED (A Government of India Enterprise) VISAKHAPATNAM STEEL PLANT MATERIALS MANAGEMENT::PURCHASE SECTION Ph.No.+91 8912518683 / 2742154, Fax: 0891 2518753 / 756 Email: [email protected] / [email protected] Open Tender No.Pur.7.66.IOF/0074 Dt:10-12-2017 WORK: Sealed tenders are invited for supply of 1,00,000 MT +/- 10% of Iron Ore Fines. ♦Mode of Transport : Through SEA only ♦Last Date & Time of receipt of Tenders: Upto 10.30HRS (IST) on 15/12/2017 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (MM) For more details & corrigendums please visit regularly www.vizagsteel.com, http://www.eprocure.gov.in/epublish GOVERNMENT OF CHHATTISGARH, WATER RESOURCES DEPARTMENT OFFICE OF THE EXECUTIVE ENGINEER, WATER RESOURCES DIVISION JASHPUR, DISTT. - JASHPUR (C.G.) e-Procurement Tender Notice eProcurement Portal : https://eproc.cgstate.gov.in (Third / Fourth - CALL) SYSTEM TENDER NO. / NOTICE INVITING TENDER NO. 09/SAC/2017-18 Gro. No. , DATED : 09-11-2017 Online Tenders are invited for the following works up to 19-12-2017 (17.30 hours IST). System Group N.I.T. Tender No. No. Serial call 23698 01 23699 02 23700 03 23701 04 Name of Work BALANCE EARTH WORK OF MAIN CANAL AND CONSTRUCTION OF 3 NOS. MINOR CANAL WITH 38 NOS. STRUCTURES INCLUDING CONSTRUCTION OF R.C.C. OPEN CHANNEL OF MAIN CANAL RD. 0 M. TO 90 M. OF PITHAAMA TANK SCHEME. CONSTRUCTION OF MAIN CANAL FROM RD 0 TO 4845 M. AND 3 NOS Third call MINOR CANAL EACH LENGTH 1800 M WITH 30 NOS CANAL STRUCTURES OF RATIYA DIVERSION SCHEME. CONSTRUCTION OF 2 NOS. STAIR CASE AT DIVERSION OF MAIN BUND, MOORUM TOPING ON BUND, GUIDE WALL OF BUND & PITCHING WORK Third call OF CONNECTING DRAIN AND CONSTRUCTION OF 02 NOS. SUB MINOR & 01 NO. TAIL MINOR AND THEIR 30 NOS. STRUCTURES WITH 12 NOS. FIXING OF COLABA PIPE OF GERA NALLA TANK SCHEME. CONSTRUCTION OF DIVERSION WEIR SLUICE AND EARTH WORK IN Forth call BUND COMPLETE OF KUDMURA DIVERSION SCHEME. Third call Probable amount of contract Rs. 376.44 Lakhs Rs. 301.39 Lakhs Rs. 243.80 Lakhs Rs. 413.42 Lakhs The details can be viewed & downloaded online directely from the Govt. of Chhattisgarh Integrated e-Procurement portal (https://eproc.cgstate.gov.in) from dated 07-12-2017 at 17.31 hours (IST) onwards. Note : All eligible/interested contractors / bidders are mandated to get enrolled on the integrated e-Procurement portal (https://eproc.cgstate.gov.in) and get approval on specific vendor class from PWD under centralized contractor/supplier registration in order to download the tender documents and participate in the subsequent bidding process. EXECUTIVE ENGINEER WATER RESOURCES DIVISION, JASHPUR (C.G.) G-46299/4 H E L P Ashish Mishra Ashish Mishra n n [email protected][email protected]

The DPS Society is a non-profit, non-proprietary, private, educational organization. This Global Network of over 200 English medium, co-educational, secular schools provides education from Pre-Nursery/Nursery to Class XII. The DPS Family – with its transcontinental identity, is not merely a list of institutions, persons or facts; it is a network of values, systems and relationships.

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