Cover Letter For Geophysics Position

Writing a Geoscience Cover Letter

by  Rigzone Staff


Thursday, June 29, 2017

A cover letter accompanying your resume and application for a petroleum geology opening should be focused and relevant.

If you need to write a cover letter to accompany your resume and application for a petroleum geology opening, remember to keep it focused and relevant to that position.

"Cover letters should be short and the point and directly address your skills and education as they pertain to the job," Eric Riggs, professor of geology and geophysics at Texas A&M University (TAMU), told Rigzone. "They are not meant to recount your life story, but rather highlight elements of your life story that transfer directly to adding value in the competitive petroleum business environment."

Riggs, who interacts regularly with the oil and gas industry representatives who recruit TAMU geology and geophysics students, shared what these recruiters often look for in cover letters.

"Most recruiters I've spoken with emphasize broad problem-solving and critical thinking ability, as well as a track record working well on multi-disciplinary teams," he said. "Business environment experience is a plus, even if outside the industry, and interpersonal and communication skills are at least as valuable as technical ability. Evidence of enthusiasm, drive and dedication are also good but only if it appears sincere."

Riggs also stresses that writing a good cover letter is just one part of landing a petroleum geoscience job.

"I advise any student contemplating an industry career to make sure they have lots of personal, direct contact with people in hiring and recruiting positions, and to build networks," he said. "These people can often coach the cover letter, resume-building and interview processes better than those of us on the academic side. While 'what you know' is certainly critical, ' who you know' can help open doors and facilitate the transition into the business world."

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Dear Ms. Leto

I would like to be considered for the Geophysicist slot with Rego Tech. When I saw the company’s ad in

The Dallas Daily News

looking for a specialist in the field of geology structuring I decided immediately to forward my resume.

I am thoroughly studied in seismic activity planetary movement and analysing patterns and data for creating maps charts and documentation for further study. My resume shows my experiences entail both corporate and governmental tenures working with architects and engineers to better comprehend the origins and impact of atmospheric pressure continental drafts earthquakes and even activity on other planets to better help us understand what affects the earth.

In my experiences as a Geophysicist I have supervised teams in both field and lab work using sophisticated equipment digital mapping engineering and design software radar devices and explosives. This can be a delicate and demanding job but as practitioners of science you have to have not only the skill but the desire to be the best coupled with the determination to produce results that put us in better positions.

I know I am the Geophysicist that will put her all into your remote and lab work. Please give me a call to set up an interview so we can talk about it further.

Best regards

Lola Rumner

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