Economics Term Paper Subjects

The Top 25 Winning Term Paper Topics In Economics

There are times when writing a winning term paper on economics comes down to selecting interesting and unique topics that will catch your reader’s attention. Here are 25 winning term paper topics for you to consider:

  1. Write a winning term paper on the difference between international and domestic finance laws.
  2. Provide an analysis of the evolution of credit and finance in the U.S. in the last 100 years.
  3. How does China’s international trade policy affect other nations’ economies?
  4. What is the theory behind cutting a dividend tax cut in the way it positively or negatively affects a nation’s economy?
  5. Discuss the differences in tax rates between the richest and poorest classes in the U.S.
  6. Analyze the financial effects of the Kyoto Protocol for both the nations that did and did not sign the agreement.
  7. How do economic laws differ between the U.S. and European nations?
  8. What impact do low emission vehicles have on a nation’s economy? Consider environmental and other related factors.
  9. How are global economics viewed differently around the world? Consider the disparity between the world’s richest and poorest nations.
  10. Analyze the effects of that a dividend tax cut would have on the bond and stock markets?
  11. Should the internet be taxed in order to support better network infrastructure in cities?
  12. Taxes on alcohol have been instrumental in providing additional revenue, but who pays the majority of these taxes?
  13. How has the recent Ebola outbreak negatively affected the global travel economy?
  14. Are there financial repercussions as biodiversity in the world declines? What about as the number of endangered species increases?
  15. Compose a paper on the biggest challenges facing the U.S. in the next 25 years.
  16. Does the U.N. have a place in determining how countries contribute to developing third world countries?
  17. What impact does immigration have on local economies? Consider the long term and short term effects.
  18. Does the U.N. positively or negatively affect the finances of poor countries around the world?
  19. What are the positive, negative or neutral impacts of mobile technology on the global economy?
  20. What will be the biggest challenges for the economies of Europe’s nations in the next year?
  21. What does the rise of renewable or alternative energies have on the economies of the countries of the Middle East?
  22. What evidence supports the system of reducing the demand for cigarette products by increasing taxes on cigarette products?
  23. What financial positives or negative exist for creating protective habitats of the world’s species?
  24. What impact does cyber hacking have on the finances of privately owned large corporations?
  25. How doe governments spend cigarette tax revenues and how have these expenditures been successful or failures?

The 20 Best Economics Term Paper Topics to Write about

Economics is a very popular academic subject among students for a number of reasons. The first reason is that it is very interesting to study where you get to know about economies and a lot of related things about so many countries. Secondly, it is a field which has some great future prospects. You have done the right thing if you have chosen economics as your major subject. There are some difficult parts of this subject as well, especially when the students are required to give presentations or they are asked to write a research based term paper. Research is never an easy thing and especially at the graduate level the things become even tougher as the students get penalized for making very minor mistakes even. The evaluation criterion is very tough and the students really need to put down their head and work extensively hard. For a term paper, the quality and scope of your research paper topic matters a lot. You must make sure that the topic you have chosen is relevant and would be easy for research with no deadlocks. But, make sure that you shouldn’t choose a very simple topic at graduate level as that can also have very negative impacts.

Top 20 economics term paper topic:

There are a number of topics available where some have become outdated while some are not good enough to research. The following is a well researched list of the top 20 topics for economics research paper:

  1. What you understand about the economics’ policies about the developed countries?
  2. What lessons should the developing economies learn from the developed economies of the world?
  3. What are the main factors of economic modeling of a country?
  4. What is your idea about regulation of economical derivatives?
  5. How would you do an economic analysis of the death penalty?
  6. What is the link between China and Hong Kong’s economic future?
  7. What impacts can the European Monetary Union can put on the economy of the European countries?
  8. What is your understanding about the general monetary implications?
  9. What are the determinants of China’s future economy?
  10. Compare the US economy with that of Japan?
  11. Is the Western Europe the economical hub of the world?
  12. Is US economy too hard to beat by anyone?
  13. How do you see the economical future of US?
  14. Are the top developing economies going the right way?
  15. What is your idea about cashless economy?
  16. Does war have very long lasting effect on the economy of a country?
  17. How much was US economy affected after the 9/ 11 attacks?
  18. Do Olympics games bring a very big change in the economics of a country?
  19. Is German economy totally dependent on cars?
  20. How much do sports contribute to the economic development of Germany?

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